Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Partying With Tim Krekel

Photo: May Newman playing a cigar box banjo she made: Palatka Florida 192?

Time to Party

For your listening pleasure today I found these wonderful videos of Tim Krekel. Tim's a music legend here in Louisville, Ky and in my house we play his cd's all the time. 

From his My Space page:

Kentucky-bred Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist Tim Krekel has stunned listeners with his soulful grooves and knockout passionate performances for years.Yet, he remains a welcome, new discovery for many outside of the Southeast US. Befriended and endorsed as a personal favorite early in his career by John Belushi, the modest Krekel has a massive recording and touring history with icons such as Jimmy Buffet, The Eagles, Bo Diddley, Tracy Nelson, Delbert McClinton and others. He has enjoyed several Billboard chart-toppers and 1 Hits; and is ranked as the 150th Greatest Artist of All Time on WFPK/Louisville's "Fortunate 500" and had FOUR songs listed in WFPK's "2001 Greatest Songs of All Time".

I'd encourage everyone to check out his My Space page because he has some audio recordings of some more of his songs that you just gotta hear! And for politico's like me, you will especially appreciate his new song - Bailout blues

And now ladies and gentleman,  the music of TIM KREKEL

Unfortunately this final video doesn't have the video and soundtrack in sync so you don't want to watch the video but you will want to listen to the song because it's one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard. When we see Tim sing this live we get chills up and down our body. It's truly a beautiful song. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Incidently Tim has quite a few cd's out there that you can purchase if you like his music, like we do.

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