Wednesday, April 22, 2009

President Bush: Just Another Liberal Score-Settler?

After reading the newly released Senate Armed Services Committee Report on Detainee Treatment we learned that the same interrogation techniques that were used by the CIA were also used by the military. So those "few bad apples" that the administration blamed for Abu Ghraib were not bad apples, after all. They were actually following administration guidelines that had been set up by officials in the White House. Now that we have confirmation of this fact I thought it would be interesting to watch the 2004 Al-Arabiya interview of Bush where he discusses the recent news story about what happened at  Abu Ghraib.

"The practices that took place in that prison are abhorant and they don't represent  America. They represent the actions of a few people. Secondly it's important for people to understand that in a democracy that there will be a full investigation - we want to know the truth"

Sadly Mr. President, we're still waiting to hear the full truth about what really happened at  Abu Ghraib and other U.S. prisons but we're getting closer to the truth every day.

"In our country when an allegation of abuse is made, more than an allegation in this case - actual abuse- we saw the pictures there will be a full investigation and justice will be delivered."

You hear that all you traditional media personalities who believe that there should be no accountability for torture? Even President Bush believes that when you have an allegation and in this case more than just an allegation (actual evidence of torture), the U.S. has a full investigation and justice is delivered

Do you think that President Bush is just another "liberal score-settler"?


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