Monday, April 20, 2009

My E-Mail to Attorney General Holder

Dear Attorney General Holder;

I'm writing to you today because I want to report a crime. It's a crime that a lot of people know about but no one in power seems to want to have investigated. In fact, most of our government "leaders" would prefer that citizens who even raise the existence of these crimes would just go away.

During the last presidential administration, officials in that administration created and ran a vast torture program that violated a number of our U.S. laws and Treaties, not to mention almost destroying our national character. 

According to the media, President Obama thinks that we should just move on and not look back at these crimes. Even this past weekend we had one Obama official on TV telling us that we should not be focused on "retribution" but on reflection. I must admit that I was quite shocked to hear this bizarre phrase used as an excuse for ignoring obvious crimes. 

In the previous administration the 
Justice Department was totally politicized and each of our Attorney General's thought that they were there only to serve the interests of the president and not those of the country. I'm hoping that the Justice Department under the Obama administration is not set up in the same way. I hope that you will do your duty as our Attorney General by following the rule of law and that you will appoint a Special Counsel to look into these serious allegations.

The last time I was in Washington I visited our 
Supreme Court and while I was there I purchased a souvenir coffee mug that had the words - Equal Justice Under Law inscribed upon it. I hope I didn't buy a souvenir whose words are now obsolete. I sincerely hope that you will uphold our rule of law despite the ignorant chatter from our political class to ignore it. 

It is my firm belief that those who ordered torture must be held legally accountable for their crimes or we, not only risk having future administration officials thinking that it's ok to torture, but that we guarantee that it will happen again because we abdicated our responsibility to act as a nation of laws.

Thank you.


Louisville, KY

I hope everyone reading this blog post will send their own email to Attorney General Holder asking him to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration torture program.

**The photo on this post shows the actual mug I bought. Unfortunately I couldn't find a photo of the reverse side of this mug where the words - Equal Justice Under Law is inscribed.

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