Friday, November 20, 2009

The Washington establishment suffers a serious defeat

Mark November 19, 2009 on your calendars because on that day the interests of the people actually triumphed (temporarily) over the cynical manipulations of the "political establishment."

I hope my fellow citizens, no matter your political party, contact your Congressional representatives and let them know that you support the truly bi-partisan Paul/Grayson amendment that mandates a REAL audit of the Federal Reserve. To see the details about this important amendment please read the excellent Glenn Greenwald column below.

* Let's finally wise up and stop letting the corporate controlled Democrats and the corporate controlled Republicans fool us into thinking that they actually represent our interests because they don't.

* Let's start supporting Republicans and Democrats ONLY when they support the interests of the people.

* Let's stop looking at each other as enemies because one of us is a Democrat and the other a Republican. As citizens we have far more in common with each other than we do with the corporate controlled politicians from either Party.

* Let's finally begin to take our country back from the entrenched interests that are running her into the ground just so they can hold onto power and add to their own personal bank balances.