Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scott Horton: Broder & Bybee Both Defending the Torturers

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I'm a bit behind on some of my reading so I just read the April 27 post by Scott Horton today. In Horton's post he addresses the recent Broder column that I addressed briefly in one my postsWhat a wonderful dissection of Broder. This piece by Horton simply puts my small effort to shame.

You must read it!

Scott Horton also has a piece up on the Daily Beast that gives us the latest on the Spanish prosecution of the Bush Six.

And here is a wonderful discussion that Horton and  Bruce Ackerman have about Jay Bybee and the infamous "torture" memos that supposedly gave torture it's legal rationale. 

This is information that our corporate media won't let you see on cable TV.

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