Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Politicizing Torture, Again

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What a pathetic panel to have discussing torture 

 Mika Brezinski - Mark Halperin - Willie Guist and Harold Ford Jr.  

What a bunch of no nothings! 

Here they are discussing the CIA log sheet that stated that Nancy Pelosi was briefed on interrogation techniques in 2002. They are so intent on nailing Pelosi that they consistently misrepresent the facts throughout the conversation. These people don't care about getting at the truth, they only care about how this issue can be used politically.  It's pretty obvious that the purpose of the discussion is to advance Republican talking points about Pelosi. While I think any investigation should include finding out exactly what Congress was told I also think the entire torture issue should be investigated, not just Pelosi. 

These people are not interested in an investigation they are only interested in scoring political points and appearing as though they are in the know (they aren't). Sadly this video is yet another example of how our establishment media continues to politicize torture. When I see vacuous people like the people in this video it just reinforces my low opinion of our establishment media. These people are certainly not the best and brightest and it's amazing to me that they have the jobs that they do. 

Around 7:20 in the tape you will see Harold Ford come out as another torture apologist. I'm so glad that he's no longer in Congress.

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