Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Pathetic Beltway "Interview" of Former V.P. Dick Cheney

Bob Schieffer provides yet another friendly, national forum for former V.P. Cheney to uncritically make accusations against the current administration and to once again defend torture by distorting the facts and just outright lying.  Schieffer's lack of appropriate follow up to Cheney's self-serving comments leads one to believe that Schieffer is either not up to speed on the most basic of information about this topic and/or he just isn't interested in getting to the truth on this issue. In fact, he actually tells Cheney that he doesn't support calls for investigations into this issue so maybe that includes media investigations, as well. Or maybe it's simply due to the fact that Schieffer is a dyed in the wool "villager"and he mistakenly believes that by ignoring war crimes that he's just protecting "his city." 

Check out the next video where Schieffer dumps on David Souter because Souter didn't show the proper "respect" for Schieffer's city and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I had no problem with the justice’s legal work, but as one who has lived 40 years in Washington I’ll be honest I didn’t care for his attitude. He made it no secret that he hated the city - once describing his work as the best job in the world in the worst city in the world. Another time he called life here akin to an intellectual lobotomy.  Really…our nation’s capitol - one of the most beautiful cities in the world…


I’ve never know anyone who ever saw him outside the court and now he is leaving.  I take it he won’t miss Washington, but my guess is Washington will hardly miss him

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