Thursday, January 24, 2013

K. Bigelow Gets a New Dance Partner

La Marr's Dance Band - Albury, NSW - 1926

Yesterday I watched Kathryn Bigelow on CBS This Morning. Once again she was defending her film Zero Dark Thirty by pretending that the only objection to her film was that she depicted torture. There have been numerous articles written that have called her out on her use of this strawman argument but she still continues to use it and the corporate media doesn't challenge her on it.

What I found really interesting about her appearance yesterday was that she received assistance in framing her defense from a CBS employee. John Miller, CBS Senior correspondent, is former DNI and former FBI  Needless to say he has very strong ties to the intelligence community. That's right, she had a former intelligence officer (some might say current intelligence officer on assignment) sitting next to her being interviewed by his own colleagues as if Ms. Bigelow and he were making a joint guest appearance.  It was very strange.

It's been widely reported that there are no plans to call Ms Bigelow and Zero Dark Thirty's screenwriter, Mr Boal,  to testify in front of Congress to answer questions about their movie. However, I did find one source who suggests that they might be given a subpoena and Mr. Miller also implied yesterday that they will be called. If they are called to testify, Mr. Miller evidently wanted to prepare them. He suggested they could avoid answering questions about their sources. That's right, Mr. Miller suggested that Ms. Bigelow and Mr. Boals were journalists and as journalists they had to protect their sources (unless of course it's a source the intelligence community doesn't like). He appeared very eager to get that claim on the record. Is he worried they will be called and reveal who told them the falsehood that torture was needed to capture Bin Laden?

Another interesting thing I noticed in the CBS video was when Gayle King said, "John you had said the portrayal was extraordinarily accurate in a way that movies are accurate, what do you mean by this?"  Mr. Miller then goes on to explain what he meant. I found this interesting because I also watched a video of The Colbert Report yesterday where Ms. Bigelow made a very similar comment. She told Colbert "it's accurate in a way a movie can be accurate".  Hmmmm, they both used an almost identical and what I'd describe as a very unusual way to describe the film. It made me wonder if we have some coordination going on with Ms. Bigelow and Mr. Miller and possibly others. Does Ms Bigelow have a handler in the intelligence community that is walking her through her interviews ? It sure looks that way.

Now I'm just a regular citizen. I don't have access to any more information than what appears in public. Maybe I'm wrong about what I see in these two videos but then again maybe I'm right. Maybe these people are so arrogant that they don't even care that regular people like me can see through their machinations. Maybe they're so confident that nothing will be done that they don't care if people see them manipulating what the public sees. After all they were brazen enough to insure that torture propaganda was added to this movie in the first place so they most certainly have a vested interest in making sure that the real story doesn't come out.

Ms. Bigelow claimed in the Colbert Report interview that her movie was a 1st draft of history. Let's hope that there are some principled people still left in Washington who won't allow this false first draft to be written into our history books. Let's hope that they work towards revealing the real story behind the Bush/Cheney torture program. Let's hope that we finally look backwards at torture so that we can finally have a  future based on truth, not twisted fiction. Let's hope that when someone watches this movie in the future that they know without a doubt that it's factually false because the people affiliated with the torture program and those that protected it are held accountable. And finally, let's hope our corporate media stops using intelligence officials as Senior correspondents unless these former officials have written a real tell all book about their former profession.

Here is the video from the Colbert show that aired before the CBS video

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Here is the CBS video where Bigelow and Miller do the two step:

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